Landscape Renovation

Out with the old, in with the new.

I love renovating existing landscapes. It’s amazing what a landscape facelift can do for your home, for those who visit, for those who pass by and most importantly for those who live there. Landscape renovation can reduce maintenance and improve curb appeal by adding beauty and value to your home. Whether it’s time to remove and replace your existing landscape or redesign it so that it compliments not only the architecture of the home but those who live there give me a call. We offer a no obligation, free landscape design consultation.

Older homes with mature plants and/or overgrown plant material.

Maybe you bought an older home or have lived there for many years. Those 30-year-old Yews that you’ve been trimming three times a year, every year, have served their purpose! And that cute little 3’ Spruce tree that was planted on the corner of the house years ago is now touching the gutter! It’s time to consider updating your landscape.            

Creating low maintenance landscapes.

The number one request I get is to design and install low maintenance landscapes. Life in the 21st century is a busy one and we need landscapes that offer a lot while requiring little time and effort. Fortunately, we have at our disposal, many plants that do just that.

The first rule of any landscape is to install the right plant in the right spot. Knowing the growth pattern, soil and light requirements, and ultimately the plant’s maintenance requirements is the starting point to a low maintenance landscape.

Utilizing native plants is one way to reduce maintenance. They are typically drought tolerant and adapted to our region’s soil, hydrology, and climate which reduces watering. They have evolved defenses to many diseases and insect pests and provide habitat for butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds, and beneficial insects which reduces the need for pesticides.

Dwarf plants help lower maintenance by reducing trimming and pruning. Dwarf evergreens are typically slow growing while newer varieties of dwarf deciduous plants are more compact and grow significantly smaller than standard members of their species.

MORE PLANTS. LESS LAWN. Adding more landscape beds with plants and reducing the lawn space is another way to reduce landscape maintenance. Your lawn is your highest maintenance plant. Weekly mowing and trimming, edging and aerating, fertilizing, weed control, and watering, etc. adds up to lots of time and money!            

Newer homes with builders’ “landscape package”

Home builders often include a landscape package with the purchase of a new home. Unfortunately, the selection and quality of plants usually leaves a lot to be desired. I see the installation of the wrong plant in the wrong spot all the time. Vicary Golden Privets which can grow to 12’ tall planted under windows and Sea Green Junipers that can grow 8’ wide along entrance sidewalks is not doing any favors for homeowners. During the design consultation I can identify plants that may become a maintenance problem and offer solutions.

Home for sale

Curb appeal is that undefinable something that draws you to a home at a glance. It is a combination of visual charm, good upkeep and attention to detail. An appealing landscaping can make or break a sale. If your home lacks curb appeal, many prospective buyers will reject it without looking further, or will try to lowball you on price. If you are planning on selling your home landscape renovation should be a top priority. New foundation plantings will give your home a fresh look to potential buyers. Trimming and shaping shrubs, adding new mulch, installing seasonal color, adding planters and flower boxes and planting blooming perennials will be sure to help get your home sold quickly.